Why Modern Housing Developments in Pinellas County Prefer Vinyl Over Wood Fences?

by | Sep 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

In the realm of housing developments in picturesque Pinellas County, Florida, a quiet revolution is taking place—transforming how communities think about property boundaries. The choice between wood and vinyl fences is becoming increasingly clear, and the advantages of vinyl are propelling it to the forefront of modern design.

As a leading fence contractor and distributor serving Pinellas County, we at Vilo Fence understand why vinyl is the preferred choice for modern housing developments. In this article, we’ll explain it in the simplest terms.

A Transformative Replacement: Wood to Vinyl

As housing developments in Pinellas County grow and evolve, the need for low-maintenance solutions becomes paramount. Thus the need to replace wood with vinyl comes into play.

By replacing wood fences with vinyl, housing communities fix the problem of continuously repairing fences. Vinyl fences retain their charm without fading, warping, or succumbing to termite damage, making them an investment that pays off in the long run.

The Benefit of Vinyl Fences

It’s no secret that wood fences have been a traditional favorite for homeowners across generations. However, modern housing developments are gravitating toward vinyl for many reasons. We’ve listed some of them below:


While wood fences require ongoing maintenance, staining, and painting to withstand Florida’s climate, vinyl stands strong with minimal upkeep, resisting the elements for years.

Aesthetic Value

Asides durability, vinyl fences present a refreshing aesthetic that complements the contemporary vibe of modern housing developments when installed by an expert fence contractor.

Contemporary Look

Vinyl fences are more than just practical; they also contribute to the overall charm of a modern housing development. The clean lines, versatile designs, and various colors allow for the creative expression that wood fences often struggle to offer.

Furthermore, vinyl fences can mimic the classic wood appearance or adopt a contemporary look, making them a versatile choice for any housing development’s vision.

The Role of Fence Distributors in Modern Housing

The shift toward vinyl in modern housing developments is due to its superior attributes and the accessibility offered by fence distributors like us. Vilo Fence has an experienced fence installation team that understands the importance of precision in every step.

From the first assessment of your property to the final fence installation, our focus on quality ensures that your vinyl fence looks impeccable and is a testament to our commitment to excellence.


If you’re part of a modern housing development in Pinellas County, now is the time to consider the transition from wood to vinyl. Embrace the benefits of durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal that vinyl fences bring.

Elevate your housing development with vinyl fences that embody the essence of modern living. Say goodbye to the woes of wood maintenance and embrace the future of property boundaries.

Connect with us, your local fence contractor and distributor, to explore the variety of vinyl fences that can serve your community’s unique needs.

And embark on the journey toward enhancing your community’s appeal with the elegance of vinyl fencing.