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When building a fence or railing, it’s important to create an entry point so you can get in and out of the fenced-in area. However, you don’t always want this entry point to remain open to the world. This is the job of a gate—a door placed somewhere along your fence line allowing for easy entry and exit as well as added security. Whether you’re looking for a small pedestrian gate for your sideyard, a vehicle-sized gate to allow access to your garage or driveway, or a large-scale gate to serve as an entrance to your jobsite or commercial property, turn to Vilo Fence for customized and well-built gates.

Whatever type of fence you have and whatever your purpose may be, you can count on Vilo Fence to create a gate that looks and performs the way it should. We offer gate construction in all of our available fence materials, including wood, vinyl, steel, aluminumand even gates for chain link fences. We even build gates and entry points for temporary fencing, including both short and long-term temporary fence setups. We can even customize your level of security, including installing locks and latches that allow you to control access to your property as needed.

Increase the functionality and beauty of your gate with a custom-built gate from Vilo Fence! Call us at (813) 443-0771 today to learn more about our available options.

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Fence Gate Construction in Western Florida

In order to ensure they continue to work flawlessly and reliably, even when exposed to the elements for years at a time, gates need to be built to high standards. That means durable framing for extra durability and quality materials that can withstand the harshness of the elements. At Vilo Fence, we go above and beyond to ensure the functionality and durability of every gate we build. Not only is your gate perfectly sized to your fence, but it has the look, features, and customization you want as well.

Our gates include:

We can even build a gate that is ready for motorization! That way you never have to get out of your car to open up your gate or deal with the frustration of accidentally leaving your gate open.

Gate Operators

Our team uses LiftMaster and Aleko brand gate operators, primarily for driveway gates. These companies manufacture high-quality, reliable, and durable operator systems that are designed to last for years to come. From swinging mechanism to slide operations, we can help you explore the automated system that fits your unique needs. Operators can be paired with remotes, apps, and other accessories that you can conveniently control. They also offer a higher level of safety and security, where only those with access will be able to enter.

To learn more about automated gate operators and how these convenient systems can help your property, contact Vilo Fence today.

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One of the reasons Vilo Fence has become one of the area’s premier gate and fence builders is because we offer a truly unmatched level of customization and flexibility with all of our projects. Whether you’re looking for an exact fence style, you have unique shape needs, or you’re looking to integrate artwork into your gate, Vilo Fence can get it done. We can even put your face on your gate if you so desire! The customization options are truly limitless, and we do whatever it takes to give you the exact fence you’re looking for.

To learn more about building a gate for your fence and customizing it to your liking, contact Vilo Fence today.

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