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Vilo Fence builds premium-quality wooden fences from the finest materials to ensure a long-lasting and durable final product. We customize every fence to each customer’s needs, including offering numerous popular wood fence designs and the ability to seamlessly integrate features like gates and latticework. When you want a fence you know will be there for you for decades to come, turn to the Tampa team at Vilo Fence, where we build all of our fences right here in the USA.

What Is the Advantage of Wood Fencing?

For as long as man has needed fences, man has used wood to build them. Wood is one of nature’s most abundant building materials, and its environmental friendliness, classical look and feel, and relative ease to work with, makes it an extremely popular and budget-conscious fencing option. Wood is an ideal choice for virtually any application, including whether you’re looking to fence in your yard, put a limit around your property, contain your livestock, or place a privacy shield around a sensitive area.

Wood is also an incredibly versatile material that allows you to build in a variety of different styles to give you the exact look you want.

Tampa’s Custom Wooden Fence Experts

Every wooden fence Vilo Fence builds in Tampa is constructed from wood products that are durable when it comes to elemental exposure. All of our fences are built using pressure-treated yellow pine for its durability, relatively low cost, and ability to look great with virtually any chosen stain or paint treatment. We can even add a variety of accent features and design elements to give your new fence that truly unique and personalized look.

Types of Wood Fences We Can Install:

  • Stockade fencing
  • Board-on-board fencing
  • Shadow box fencing
  • Horizontal slat fencing
  • Ranch rail fencing
  • Lattice features

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Is a Wood Fence Cheaper Than a Wrought Iron Fence?

When considering fencing options for your home, it is important to weigh the cost of different materials. Vilo Fence offers a wide range of wooden fencing options in Tampa that may be more cost-effective than wrought iron fencing. Wooden fences come in many shapes and sizes, and Vilo Fence will work with you to find a fence that is both aesthetically pleasing and within your budget.  Additionally, wooden fencing is more durable than wrought iron, and our Tampa fence installation team is available to help ensure proper installation.

Ultimately, a wooden fence may be cheaper than wrought iron while providing the same level of security and aesthetic appeal. With Vilo Fence, you’ll be able to find the perfect fence for your home at a price that won’t break the bank.

How to Install a Wooden Fence

Installing a wooden fence is no easy task. It requires knowledge, skill, and the right tools to get it done properly. As such, it’s best to hire a professional if you’re looking for quality results. An experienced team of Tampa wood fence installers, like Vilo Fence, will not only ensure the job is completed correctly and customized to your needs, but that top-notch materials are used for a long-lasting fence. Additionally, by hiring a reliable fencing company to handle the job you can rest easy knowing that your new wooden fence will be up to code and in compliance with any potential regulations.

Ultimately, hiring a wooden fencing professional ensures that your installation is done correctly from start to finish so you don’t end up wasting time and money on a faulty or inadequate fence.

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Synthetic Wooden Fencing in Western Florida

If you’re looking for a type of fencing that has the rustic and old-world appeal of wood but carries even less of a maintenance requirement, synthetic wooden fencing may be your perfect choice. Synthetic wooden materials are manufactured to withstand immense abuse from the elements, including high amounts of UV radiation, heavy rainfall, sweltering heat, and high winds. And they do all of it without needing to be re-painted, stained, or re-treated periodically to prolong their lifespan.

Vilo Fence can build a synthetic wooden fence system for your Tampa home that mimics the look and feel of a natural wood fence in one of our many popular styles, giving you the look you want without the trade off in maintenance. While synthetic wood does carry a higher price tag, the extra cost is typically more than justified when you consider the time and money saved from lowering your upkeep burden over the lifespan of your fence.

Wooden Fence Care & Maintenance

While we encourage you to stain your fence should you choose to do so, keep in mind that your fence’s color will change and shift over time as the wood itself starts to dry. This is an entirely normal and natural process that occurs over time and with repeated exposure to sunlight. Vilo Fence does not apply stains to fences, and we typically recommend staining your fence after installation is complete should you wish to do so.

Whether you’re replacing an aging fence or looking to install a new one, talk to Vilo Fence about your project. Reach out to our Tampa wood fence installation pros online or call (813) 443-0771 today!