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In order to make stairs, decks, and other elevated surfaces safer, railing must be installed that prevents anyone from falling over and provides support that someone can lean on in a pinch. Railing must be built to high standards to ensure it is strong, the right shape, and at a consistent height. A well-built rail will not only look good, but provide your property with the safety and support it needs.

Whether you’re building an economical pool fencenew deck railing, or a complex commercial handrail, make Vilo Fence the name you call first. We are the Tampa area’s local experts when it comes to railing construction, offering a unique combination of quality and customer service. We produce some of the finest railing products available, and every project is customized to your needs to ensure everything looks exactly as it should with no compromises from start to finish.

Whether you’re looking for decorative railing or a functional barrier, call Vilo Fence at (813) 443-0771 to learn more about our railing projects.

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Custom Railings in a Variety of Styles

Because railing is such an integral and functional part of a space that requires it, there’s no substitute for an experienced and professional rail building contractor. Well-built railing will seamlessly blend into the environment it is located in, providing just as much aesthetic value as it does function. For this reason, Vilo Fence constructs a variety of railing options, including numerous popular styles for a variety of different uses and locations.

Why choose Vilo Fence to build your deck or stair railing?

  • Unmatched durability: We powder coat our metal products in house for added strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Detail focused: Vilo Fence is focused on all of the small details, ensuring that your railing looks great, is trustworthy, and is within code requirements.
  • Completely customizable: We build all of our railings to your desired look and feel. Whether you’re looking for sleek and modern or rustic and vintage, we offer a wide range of design options and materials.
  • Built locally: All of our railings are manufactured here in the USA by our experienced welders and powder coated right here in Western Florida.

The majority of the railing we build here at Vilo Fence is metal, usually steel or aluminum. However, we also construct railing from vinyl for residential and some light-duty commercial uses.

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Tampa DOT Railing Builders

As the name implies, DOT railing is railing built to specifications provided by the Florida Department of Transportation. This type of railing is extremely common because it is designed to adhere to virtually all railing guidelines and requirements while remaining cost-efficient. Because DOT railing is manufactured with aluminum tubing that is bent and welded in a specific pattern, this type of railing is extremely durable, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion and other issues that other types of metals and woods might have to deal with.

For high quality railing in Western Florida, contact Vilo Fence! See why so many customers have come to know our products as some of the finest in the area.

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