Fences and Gates!

PVC Fence

PVC Fence


PVC Fence All of our PVC fences come with lifetime years of warranty which allow PVC to be much more cost effective in the long run. While pricing is typically double what a wood fence costs, the difference will be realized quickly when one considers the low maintenance and durability.


All of our PVC fence options include the following advantages over typical “home store” varieties:


1. Posts, pickets and rails are all routed to ensure a perfect fit. Pickets fit snugly into routed rails. Rails fit snugly into routed posts.

2. Pickets and rails are not held together by glue or fasteners. You will never see a Vilo fence PVC picket laying on the ground because glue failed or fasteners gave way.

3. Rails are notched and snap into the post securely. There is no need for a metal fastener that can rust or work its way loose over time.

4. Posts are sturdy and do not require a wood 4×4 insert for stabiltiy.

5. All hardware is adjustable stainless steel for durability and ease of use.

6. We use one post every six feet with concrete for hurricane rating. Lesser competitors offer one post every eight feet contributing to a lower wind rating and the potential for sag in the longer rails.

Wood Fence

Wood Fence


Vilo Fence is pleased to offer a wide selection of styles in wood fencing. Stockade, Board-on Board, Shadowbox and Pickett are standard styles that we custom build on site to your specifications. Our craftsmen also create a variety of custom styles that are distinctive and unique. Homeowner Association or Historic District Codes are our specialty.


All gates come with a welded frame.


1. Vilo Fence offers all natural cypress as well as pressure treated pine to suit your needs. We prefer cypress as a rule because of its natural beauty, durability and bug and rot resistance.

2. Cypress is the most environmentally “green” option as there are no chemicals added and, therefore, no chemicals present to leech into the environment as the fence ages.

3. Cypress is a slow growth, renewable resource that is most suitable to the Florida environment. The average cypress picket will display as much as forty years of growth when a cross section is studied.

4. This compares to eight to ten years of growth in a pine picket of equal size. This means you are purchasing a much denser wood that will last longer in the harsh Florida sun and rain.

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fence


Vilo Fence is proud to offer a wide range of ornamental aluminum fence designs that are sure to meet your needs. All styles are supported by a limited lifetime finish warranty and are available in residential, commercial and industrial grades.


1. Aluminum fence offers the advantage of no rust over time to the body of the fence allowing for a lifetime of enjoyment.

2. Several color options are available to suit your decor and many styles are available to suit your particular project needs.

3. Vilo Fence has aluminum solutions that meet Pool Code and that satisfy most Homeowner Association requirements.

4. All our gates are welded aluminum, featuring stainless steel hardware.

5. Decorative Estate Gates are installed professionally and heavy duty gate operators are available as well. Subdivision entry ways are a specialty at Vilo Fence and various locking and entry methods are available.

Chain Link

Chain Link Fence


Vilo Fence offers chain link fences for a variety of applications. Galvanized chain link is an industry standard available in residential and commercial grades.


1. Vinyl coated and colored chain link has become an attractive alternative in recent years increasing the lifespan of chain link dramatically.

2. Black, vinyl coated chain link has been popular with homeowners along waterfronts or in areas where you don’t want the fence to stand out against the backdrop.

3. Many South Tampa homes have installed black, vinyl coated chain link and then promptly planted jasmine vines to cover them for privacy. Pet containment is also superior with chain link.

4. Chain link has a wide variety of uses that Vilo Fence is proud to help you with. Indoor security cages mounted on concrete slabs, pet kennels or outdoor park enclosures are just a few examples.

5. Durable sliding or swing gates are welded to specifications and can provide securable openings of greater than thirty feet! Operators are available for professional installation as well.

Steel Fence

Steel Fence


When attractive, high strength, high security fence is needed, Vilo Fence offers a large selection of ornamental steel fence to meet the requirement.


1. The strength of steel is protected by a twenty year powder coated finish for most inland applications.

2. Finish warranties are slightly reduced for projects located in high salt environments such as beach communities.

3. Steel fence applications have been installed by Vilo Fence in a variety of situations ranging from the security-conscious homeowner to limited access areas.

4. We have the product and the expertise to meet your steel fence needs in a timely manner