FAQ 3 Blocks

How do I know my fence will be on my property?

We check plot plans with the city and bond your boundaries before starting the job. If there are any issues pertaining to existing fences where boundaries were not observed originally or boundaries have changed you will be notified and able to handle those changes before new construction begins.

Do you provide work guaranteed?

Yes! Your sales representative will go over applicable warranties depending on the material/product you choose. If there is a problem with a fence or gate that we have installed, just give us a call and we will take care of it.

100% Guaranteed by CEO

Does Vilo Fence provide insured to be on my property?

We carry the appropriate liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Proof may be requested and will be provided directly from our insurance provider.

What happens before a job begins?

Before beginning a job we have the utilities located by the appropriate services. However, even their markings can be inaccurate. Too often services are located very close to your fence line. If a line is damaged it is immediately reported for the service to be corrected. That is the responsible between us and the provider, there is no cost to you

How are existing sprinkler systems and landscaping handled?

It depends on where it is located according to the existing fence or proposed fence. We use great care in trying to protect and preserve both. You may need to have the sprinkler system marked if you are concerned about the location. You may have to make decisions about existing landscaping if it needs to be cut back or removed to accommodate your fencing needs.

Does the job required any down payment?

We commit a lot of resources to the job in materials and reserved man-hours. Your deposit helps to secure your place in the work schedule and have materials ready for the job.

How long will my job take?

Timing can vary by the job size, material, whether it is standard or custom work and the time of year. Please know that your sales representative will estimate the timing for you but all builders need flexibility for weather and other unexpected delays.

Are permits requiered?

If a permit is required Vilo Fence will generally obtain the permit, however, in some cases, the homeowner may need to obtain the permit particularly when there are variances or special requirements.

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